Annual Central Economic Work Conference (CEWC)


The CEWC is part of the annual policy cycle, following on the Politburo meeting earlier this month.


The CEWC issued a statement emphasizing the need for stability, stability of economic reform and macroeconomic policy.


The statement mentions several areas of reform, but does not give much detail. However the need to resolve the overcapacity problem gets more attention than before.


6 key tasks a mentioned for 2014:


Food security; industrial structure (including overcapacity problem); dept risk prevention; coordinated regional development; to protect and improve the people’s livelihood; continuously improve the openness of economy.


An emphasis on stability[1]|

Growth range to push forward reforms and balance growth

By Xinhua

At the opening ceremony of the Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2013, also known as Summer Davos, Li [Chinese Premier Li Keqiang]described the reasonable growth range he first proposed in July as a benchmark for policy adjustments. This range is marked by a lower limit designed to ensure steady growth and job creation and an upper limit meant to avert inflation.

“As long as the economy runs within the reasonable range, we will keep macroeconomic policies generally stable and focus on shifting the growth model and structural readjustment,” Chinese Premier Li Keqiang.

Balanced growth is key to further development of the Chinese economy. Reforms should help opening up the economy and create more chances for private sectors, both domestic and foreign.