Twelfth of #ThirtySixStratagems: Lead away a sheep in passing. 顺手牵羊 (順手牽羊) – Shùnshǒuqiānyáng.

Mini strategy series @soerenbax: The #ThirtySixStratagems, a collection of ancient Chinese military thought and experience.
Characters of the Twelfth of Thirty-Six Stratagems: 顺手牵羊 (順手牽羊) – Shùnshǒuqiānyáng. 顺, shùn: along, smooth. 手, shǒu: hand. 牵, qiān: pull, lead along. 羊, yáng: sheep.
Meaning: Hide the attack in an unthreatening motion.
Business example: This stratagem is about seizing opportunities when the competitor is not paying attention to the threat. One cooperation may be focussing in one direction and the competitor is stealing something, they are not paying attention to.