Eighth of #ThirtySixStratagems: Crossing in the dark to get to Chencang. 暗渡陈仓 (暗渡陳倉) – Àndùchéncāng.

Mini strategy series @soerenbax: The #ThirtySixStratagems, a collection of ancient Chinese military thought and experience.

Characters of the Eighth of Thirty-Six Stratagems: 暗渡陈仓 (暗渡陳倉) – Àndùchéncāng. 暗, Àn: dark. 渡, dù: cross. 陈, chén. 仓, cāng. 陈仓, chéncāng: Chencang, today it would be in Shaanxi province, Baoji City

Meaning: Crossing in the dark to get to Chencang.

Business example: Openly prepare to take a certain path while secretly advancing along an other. Fake left, move right. Attack from an unexpected place or direction.

A successful application of this stratagem could be to start negotiating to cooperate with a competitor while preparing to replace their product with a new innovation.