Xi JinPing steals the show

Chinese President Xi JinPing and Secretary of State John F. Kerry were selling their nations at the summit in Bali. Xi stressed the need for a peaceful region which would be good for business. But Secretary of State John F. Kerry countered, “Every entrepreneur and business in the Asia Pacific needs to know that they can reap the benefits when they develop the next big thing,”.1

Xi, in his relatively low key speech only made references at the territorial disputes and the role of the United States. But China rightly points at the fact that the US shifted its focus to the region without backing it with the appropriate resources.

Xi was also recently touring the region, signing bi-lateral agreements in Indonesia and Malaysia, preparing the way for direct investments and economic cooperation. China is clearly gaining influence in the region and is committed to its political and economic goals. Time for the US and EU to wake up before it is too late.

1: washingtonpost.com; By Anne Gearan, Published: October 8