Seventh of #ThirtySixStratagems: Create something out of nothing. 无中生有 (無中生有) – Wúzhōngshēngyǒu.

Mini strategy series @soerenbax: The #ThirtySixStratagems, a collection of ancient Chinese military thought and experience.

Characters of the seventh of Thirty-Six Stratagems: 无中生有 (無中生有) – Wúzhōngshēngyǒu. 无, wú: noting, naught. 中, zhōng: middle, center. 生, shēng: life. 有, yǒu: to be, exist.

Meaning: Create something out of nothing.

Business example: One application of this tactic could be to create new suppliers to your portfolio. If negotiations with existing suppliers are difficult but quality and cooperation is good, then it may be advisable to find trusted companies that also could enter the bidding and supply goods.This new competition would help with price negotiation and will be a good source of information about the existing supplier.